Economic Exchanges

  Interface d'un modèle

For questions of economic exchanges, Cormas and MAS are relevant tools. Some developed models deal with marketing systems of natural resources. In this case , the interest of MAS lies in the possibility of representing the interactions between actors or between different levels of organization.

In some applications, spatialization is especially interesting. When agents with individual economic behaviors are spatially distributed, global dynamics or spatial configurations can emerge.

Models dealing with economic exchanges are the following one:

Natural resources marketing systems

[FiliereRaphia] : raphia marketing system in Madagascar (Vestalys Herimandimby, Elino Randriarijaona, François Bousquet and Martine Antona).

[Mobe] : regulation of firewood marketing systems in Niger (Martine Antona).

Economic exchanges and organization

[Markets] : Assessing the performance of different market institutions in West Africa according to communication systems (Franck Galtier).

[Echos] : Economic behaviour analysis of the "Stockbreeding wastewater system" actors at the Reunion Island (Stefano Farolfi, Pierre Bommel and Christophe Le Page).

[JuMel] : economic exchanges and emerging organizations (Juliette Rouchier).


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