Networks around Cormas


The Cormas community joins together researchers from various fields interested in using Agent-Based Simulation to study natural resources management. Here are some places to find information about this community.

  • About the use of models in the field of renewable resources management, we are proposing a scientific posture, the "companion modelling approach". To precise the content of this approach, named ComMod, a charter, has been written. Discussions about the ideas expressed in the charter, as well as suggestions to make it evolve, are mostly welcome !
  • About the Cormas tool and Agent-Based Simulation in general, an electronic forum ( allows to the subscribers (more than 300) to exchange information. Join this network !
  • More information about the research team that has designed Cormas, and also about our scientific partners.
  • Coming to Cirad - Baillarguet
  • A selection of links to related sites.


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