Library of Cormas Models


Une interface de Cormas

Cormas has allowed the development of numerous models. We propose here a classification of the existing models.

Many applications are related to a concrete situation and to field data. Some models concern the management of a renewable resource (water, wild fauna, tree and wood, soil and erosion, pasture, etc...). The economic exchanges of agricultural products and natural resources are the topic of some models. Others concern land-use dynamics.

Several projects are currently contributing to build an approach using jointly agent-based simulations and role-playing games to facilitate discussion and concertation about resources management.

Theoretical models deal with questions of natural resources in a very abstract way, even if concrete situations inspired them. Didactic models were conceived in order to present Cormas functioning. Some applications are called "coupled models" because Cormas is associated with other tools (geographic information systems, data base, other models).

Besides this classification, the alphabetical list of all the models is available.

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