Cormas sofware

For several years now, generic softwares have been available to user groups (including ecologists and sociologists) to facilitate the construction of agent-based models and the design, monitoring and analysing of agent-based simulation scenarios.

Focusing on models for natural renewable resource management, the agent-based simulation software that we have developed, Cormas, is oriented towards the representation of interactions between stakeholders about the use of natural renewable resources.

Cormas is a simulation platform based on the VisualWorks programming environment which allows the development of applications in the object-oriented programming language SmallTalk. Cormas pre-defined entities are SmallTalk generic classes from which, by specialization and refining, users can create specific entities for their own model.

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To compare it with other popular agent-based simulation packages (NetLogo, MASON, Repast, Swarm), have a look to the Cormas implementation of "StupidModel", a benchmark proposed in 2006 by Steven Railsback, Steven Lytinen and Stephen Jackson (Agent-based simulation platforms: review and development recommendations. Simulation, 82(9):609-623).

Our team is also working on a new generation of meta-modelling and simulation platform, Mimosa, that will provide the means to specify any kind of modelling and simulation formalisms and to compose and run any models written in these formalisms.

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