Simple setup for Windows

Download the pre-configure file for Windows

For Windows users, it is simpler just to download this file there: completeSetupVW+CormasOnWin.

Unzip this file on the root of one of your hard disks.

This disc is called C:\ or D:\ or ...

Note: the pre-configuration is adjusted to the C:\ disc, but you can install VisualWorks on any disc. You obtain then a new tree like : "MyDisc"\vwnc30\*


Launch Cormas2001

Go to "MyDisc"\vwnc30\cormas\ and double-click on If this kind of file has never been associated with a runnable file, then an "Open with..." window appears :

Toggle the check box "Always use this program to open the files of this type". Then, you can now create a new association by clicking on other and specifying the file "MyDisc"\vwnc30\bin\win\visualnc.exe

Note: If this kind of file (.im) was already associated with a runnable file, then you can change the association by right-clicking on while pushing the Shift touch and by selecting open with...

If you did not install Cormas on the C disc

You need to adjust the VisualWorks home directory (the classpath for those that know rather Java !), so that it points to the vwnc30\ directory. For that purpose, in the main menu of the VisualWorks Launcher, select "Set VisualWorks Home" in the "File" menu.

Type then the path to the vwnc30\ directory. Example: installation on D:\

Then save the VisualWorks environment set up for Cormas:

In the main menu of the VisualWorks Launcher, select File --> Save as. Keep the suggested name to: d:\vwnc30\cormas\cormas2001

Verify the configuration of the mouse

Right-click on the bottom window of VisualWorks. A contextual menu appears. If you obtain the following menu (find, undo, copy, cut, paste, do it, print it, so...) :

Then, it is perfect, you have nothing more to do !

On the other hand, if you obtain the following menu (relabel have, refresh, move, resize, etc.):

Then it is necessary to change the configuration of the mouse. For that purpose, in the VisualWorks menu, select: File - > Settings. A new window appears. Select the "Mouse Buttons" tab.

Changer l'état de la case de pointage (soit vide, soit plointée, selon son état originale), puis "Accept". Fermer cette fenêtre et vérifier à nouveau que le menu contextuel est correct. Puis sauvez votre image de cormas2001.

Change the state of the check box (to empty, or not, according to its precedent state), then " Accept ". Close this window and verify again that the contextual menu is correct. Then please, save your image of cormas2001.

To test Cormas, you can download the first models here. Furthemore, a library of downloadable models is available from the applications pages.

You are invited to subscribe to Cormas list to keep yourself informed and to communicate with other Cormas users.

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