Getting ready to use Cormas (v.2018.09)



This is the new official version of Cormas. We continue to design the framework towards two directions: 1) to enable the development of interactive simulations, and 2) to facilitate the collective design and implementation of models.

Compared to the previous one, this version focuses more on the first point: to interact more easily with the agents of a simulation in order to participate, alone or with others, in the execution of a scenario. This version is particularly suitable for:

  • Distributing a simulation on several machines (currently only on Windows OS), and monitoring the evolution of a remote simulation, displaying particular points of view and remotely manipulating the entities,
  • Stepping back in time of a simulation or replaying forward a previously stored simulation,
  • Piloting sensitivity analyzes from R.

The main interface of Cormas

You can install by two ways: a simple and reduced installation, or a full installation of VisualWorks and Cormas:

Simple Installation                         Download

The following file is for a minimal installation of VisualWorks and Cormas.

Note: this installation contains cormas.exe for Windows. It also works under Mac and Linux, but in this case it is necessary to open the file by associating it with cormas/macx/

Full installation of VW and Cormas

1. Install VW7.6nc

Cormas has been developped for the 7.6 non-commercial version of VisualWorks® (Cincom Systems). VW must be installed on your computer. As the 7.6 version of VW is not anymore available on Cincom web site, and on the condition that you agree not to use Cormas for commercial purposes, you can directly download vw7.6nc (version for Windows and for Mac os X) from Cormas site. It is recommended to unzip the archive directly under the root of your hard drive to minimize configuration problems that may arise with recalcitrant OS.

2. Install Cormas (VERSION : Cormas v.2018.9.3)

2a. Install Cormas for the first time

Download the latest version of Cormas (, 20 MB) of september  2018. Unzip this Cormas folder into the directory VW7.6nc. The subdirectory 'cormas' is created. It already contains the file (instructions are detailed here). Copy your models in the subdirectory VW7.6nc/cormas/Models/.

(Keep your old version of Cormas. If an older version of Cormas is already installed on your computer, you can keep this version. Just change the directory name 'cormas' to 'cormas_Old' or whatever.)
or 2b. Update your Cormas previous version

If Cormas is already installed, do a simple update by unzipping the (2 MB) in VW7.6nc/cormas/ directory (erasing the previous cormas files). Open and select the menu: '?' and 'Update Cormas'.

or 2.c Alternative installation: from Store
When VisualWorks is installed, download Cormas from the "Public Repository" of Store. From the VW main window, connect to Store (Menu -> Store -> Connect to Repository...), then select  "Cincom Public Repository" and Connect. Thus, from Menu -> Store -> Published items, look for cormas and load it.

Add-ons: UML and R

Two new modules are available: an UML class diagram editor and R routines to remotely control Cormas.

UML editor

Designed and implemented by Peter Uhnak (University of Pragues) as an "OpenPonk" module (, this editor allows you to draw a class diagram (with attributes, default values, associations, ...) and generate VisualWorks source code for Cormas. OpenPonk is written in PHARO, an open-source Smalltalk. So for now, this editor is not integrated into Cormas. It just enable to generate .st files and load them into Cormas.

The current version is still Beta : download

Scripts R  R

To generate experiment plans and run sensitivity analyzes from R, download and unzip this file ( into /cormas. This folder contains a document that explains the procedure.

In case the WebServices parcels are not on your computer when intalling Cormas, download the file and unzip it into VW7.6/

Troubleshouting for Windows 7 & 10

Sometimes on Windows 7 & 10, the VisualWorks Home directory cannot be changed. See the procedure to fix that.

Previous versions

The previous versions of Cormas are also available.

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