Methodological issues

2003, 17-21 March

Multi-Agent Systems (MAS),

Social Sciences and

Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM)


Prof. S. Moss, Manchester Metropolitan University

Report on the training is available


  1. Dr. N. Gajaseni( University of Chulalongkorn Bangkok, Biology Department,
    Faculty of Science)
  2. F. Bousquet (CIRAD-IRRI)

Course Objectives

The objective here is to discuss on several methodological issues. Emphasis will be put on the usefulness of models, and on the process of validation of models. The use of MAS is compared to other more standard economic approaches.


Day 8h30-10h 10h30-12h 13h30-15h 15h30-17h
Monday 17 Opening Ceremony
Lecture : Bad and Good Models Group work : bad and good models

Tuesday 18

Validation: statistical signatures and qualitative data
Group work: How good or bad models would be improved by extending validation Validation: E-commerce model, and water demand model Group work: Which validation for applied MAS models?
Wednesday 19
Verification: the role of abstraction, canonical models
Group work: Theories and models Free discussions

Thursday 20

Abstraction: Grids and tags, genetic programming
Group work: Design a MAS based on grids, tags or GPs. Modelling approaches: procedural and declarative Demonstration: programming in SDML
Friday 21
Group work : perspectives for applied MAS models
Presentations - General discussion Closing ceremony  

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