First Course in Khon Kaen

Multi-Agent Systems (MAS),

Social Sciences and

Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM)


Four researchers are the trainers in this course: F. Bousquet (CIRAD-IRRI), G. Trebuil (CIRAD-IRRI), C. Le Page (CIRAD) and Stanislas Boissau (Wageningen University and Reseach Center). N. Bécu (Cemagref) gave a lecture on his Asian application.

Report on the training is available


  1. Dr. Chaicharn Wongsamun ( University of Khon Kaen, Faculty of Agriculture)
  2. F. Bousquet (CIRAD-IRRI)

Course Objectives

  1. To introduce multi-agents systems (MAS) and review the state of the art in applying MAS to several key scientific disciplines, with an emphasis on INRM issues;
  2. To enable participants to develop their own simple MAS application by constructing and operating a MAS on a topic of their choice;
  3. To identify future opportunities for developing the use and application of the MAS approach to key NRM issues in the region.

Training materials

Each trainee and observer received three documents:

(i) Handouts: a volume presenting all the ppt slides used by the trainers - 147 p. 440 slides

(ii) Smalltalk and Cormas: a tutorial on this simulation platform - 82 p.

(iii) Texts: a volume comprising 9 selected reference papers on multi-agents systems, two lists of key references on MAS and complexity and on the use of the Cormas modelling platform.


slides available soon

Day Morning: Lectures Afternoon: Practice
Monday, 8 Oct
  1. Opening Ceremony (slides)
  2. FishBanks Game
Tuesday, 9 Oct
  1. System Dynamics (slides)
  2. Game Theory (slides)
Wednesday, 10 Oct
  1. Cellular Automata, (slides)
  2. Multi-Agent Systems (slides)
Cellular Automata (Cormas)
Thursday, 11 Oct Multi-Agent Systems Situated Agents (Cormas)
Friday, 12 Oct Multi-Agent Systems Applications (slides) Communicating Agents (Cormas)
Monday, 15 Oct The Shadoc Role Game Group projects
Tuesday, 16 Oct Multi-Agent Systems Applications (slides) Group projects
Wednesday, 17 Oct Multi-Agent Systems and Social Sciences (slides) Group projects
Thursday, 18 Oc

Multi-Agent Systems and Ecology (slides) Artificial Landscapes (slides)

Group projects
Friday, 19 Oct. Presentation of projects General discussion


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