MAS and Social Psychology

31 March-4 April, Khon Kaen

Multi-Agent Systems (MAS),

Social Sciences and

Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM)


Dr. W.Jager , State University of Groningen

Report on the training is available


  1. Dr. C. Wongsamun ( University of Khon Kaen, Faculty of Agriculture)
  2. F. Bousquet (CIRAD-IRRI)

Course Objectives

MAS and social psychology


Day 8h30-10h 10h30-12h 13h30-15h 15h30-17h
Monday 31 Opening Ceremony
Overview: Human behaviour in social dilemmas: the non-economist of human behaviour
- Human needs and consumptive behaviour (based on Max-Neef)
- Human decision making: an introduction in heuristics
Group work

Tuesday 1

- Modelling behaviour: optimisation v.s. psychological rules
- The consumat approach, an introductory

Group work - Resource dilemma experiments - (Environmental psychology)
- The Lakeland experiments (Ecological Economics)
Group work
Wednesday 2
Environmental stability, population dynamics and evolution of personality
Group work: Exercise with Cormas model Free discussions

Thursday 3

Social interaction, market dynamics and innovation diffusion - theory and practice
Group work: Exercise (2 products simulation from dissertation - lock in) Market dynamics and innovation diffusion (Monte Veritas, Green consumption) Group work
Friday 4
Prospects of further research using the consumat approach
o Networks and consumption (Alessio Delre)
o Demographic developments (collaboration?)
Presentations - General discussion Closing ceremony  


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